We started in 2018 with the vision of changing management aspects of entrepreneurial ventures around us. Business Advisor is a team of Cost and Management Accountants, MBAs, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Lawyers. Our team has vast experience in the areas of Management, Accounting, Taxation, Costing, Legal matters and compliance.


Our vision of starting this venture is to offer affordable business management solutions to the enterprises so that they can work in a hassle free environment.


Our mission is to reach every business which needs help in financial area in a very affordable user friendly way.

Our Team

Raghu Ram

Co-Founder Business Advisor

3+ years of experience in Costing, Finance, Internal Audit, Project Management, ERP Implementation and General Accounting. Her experience and passion for entrepreneurship has led and will continue to lead her clients towards achieving excellence in their respective areas of business.

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